Suppose, you visited with your friends and family to some vacation spots, eventually you will click photos and they will be saved in your device’s memory card. What if accidentally you have formatted the memory card or some of your family member has done this procedure unknowingly? You will search for some memory card recovery software and then you will try to recover the lost images.

A memory card, also known as flash memory is a solid state electronic flash memory data storage device which is used in the mobile phones, cameras, video consoles, and many other electronic devices. It has power free storage, high re-record ability, rugged environmental specifications, and small form factor. So, the operations you perform in any kind of device, eventually it will be saved in the memory card. So, the files you have saved in the memory can be lost because of unintentional operations or disoperation. The below mentioned steps will explain how to recover the lost files from the memory card recovery software.

You can use this free tool to recover all the lost files from the memory card. EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition will help you to recover all the lost files from the memory card.

  • Download and install EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard in your PC.
  • After the installation, double click on the icon and run the program to proceed with the next operation.Now, select the files you wish to recover and then click on the “Next” to move to the net part of the wizard.
  • Now, select the memory card from where you wish to recover the file and then click on the “Scan” button, the software will scan the selected files from the target location.
  • After scanning, you can preview all the files before recovering them fully back into your memory card. Now, click on “Recover” to recover all the files. Please note that you should save them into another folder so that the overwriting issue doesn’t occur.

You might have the single copy of the images you clicked and you don’t save them into your computer intentionally. But, what if you have lost all the images and photos unintentionally and now you don’t have the option to recover?

But, you don’t have to worry; now you can recover deleted photos with this data recovery tool in just small steps. But, make sure that you don’t write new files into the hard drive or SD card. And make sure that the device is not physically damaged.

  • Download and install EaseUs Data Recovery Software on your PC.
  • Double click on the icon and then select “Graphics” and then click on “Next”, move on to the next set of the wizard.
  • Select the disk where you have lost the data and click on “Scan” button, the wizard will scan the files. In case the partition is lost click “Lost disk Drives” and click on “Scan” button.
  • You can preview the file before recovering and then click on “Recover” to recover the files. To avoid the overwriting issue save the file in other location.
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