The advent of advanced technologies can be a welcoming addition to the people’s life. The use of technological surveillance in recent years has risen to a huge percentage and the usage of Closed circuit television cameras (CCTVs) had drastically increased. Mobile phones, laptops, personal computers and even electronic transactions had been used to track and monitor personal activities and information. The invasion of people’s privacy is beginning to be a scary truth for some reasons. Anybody can be a victim to this but up to what extent is this allowed to the very privacy of our homes is unclear.

When CCTV‘s are being exclusively used for crime-solving and anti-terrorist acts, public openly support the installation of these devices.  However, studies show that people are uncomfortable when CCTV’s are used and can be a threat to one’s personal privacy.  The extent of the coverage of the cameras can be annoying and bothersome. The public agrees for a camera to be used for surveillance of specific suspects at some definite times, because it can be a great help in possible solution of a particular time. However, if it becomes permanent to monitor every little action of people around is kind of awkward and embarrassing. Who would want to be monitored picking your nose in the streets, or scratching yourself to death?

In some countries where CCTV’s are placed everywhere, a person can be seen leaving their homes or workplaces, without their knowledge, and this can be permanently recorded. This is a clear violation of an individual and can create agitations. If this is for the purpose of government policy in a more secure environment, then this can be possible only in public places. The public still believes that no one should be in control over personal matters except his own. The survey also showed that the majority of the people agree that nobody should be allowed to watch and listen to them without proper notification or permissions. Cell phone spy can be a problem to somebody who values his privacy that much as well as CCTV’s that are bugged anywhere around the house or a person’s property. Although in rare instances, cell phone spy can be an advantage, but only in such cases where internal problems among family members are concerned. Others had specified that it is still comfortable to go around in public places without being really identified. This only means that people approves of surveillance for others but not themselves.

Therefore, the installation of devices like CCTV’s, cell phone and android spyware by the government or any other private individual are only acceptable in cases where it is badly needed and some cases where it affects national security.  Other than that, it is still unethical to intrude ones privacy and conduct surveillance using these technologies. This is best applicable perhaps in government agencies and workplaces wherein officials and employees should be monitored for transparencies.

It would even be proper to reconsider if these technologies can really minimize the crimes committed especially in public places. Or has it even caused a criminal to be cautious on his moves in committing a horrible crime in the streets or in parks? This issue can still have a long discussion but will still end up on one thing – people want their privacy respected.