We have seen movies in which the hero drove a high-tech super car, but improving technology could make these sci-fi vehicles a reality pretty soon. Just about everything is touch-screen nowadays, and it will not be long before your car’s dashboard implements this feature. However, it is possible that having this kind of useful tech while driving could put you in danger on the road.

Drivers are Accustomed to Buttons

For years, drivers have gotten accustomed to the feel of their vehicle’s dashboard. They know exactly where to find buttons for the radio, lights, and climate control without taking their eyes of the road. Replacing those buttons with a touch screen destroys that ingrained muscle memory. However, the same was also true for cell phones.

Multiple Screens May Causes Issues

The fact of the matter is that drivers do not need another screen to distract them from their main job. There have been laws banning the use of cell phones while operating a motor vehicle, claiming that diverting one’s attention away from the road can put the driver, passengers, and other motorists in danger. Dallas attorneys Sommerman and Quesada have seen their fair share of distracted driving accidents and would agree that having a fancy touch screen in your car might increase the number of incidents and fatalities across the country.

Going Hands-Free

However, in spite of the obvious dangers, there are quite a few positive aspects to a touch screen dashboard. Having everything you could possibly need built into your dash is one of them. Most car models with a touch screen offer GPS navigation and cell phone bluetooth capabilities, removing the need for drivers to rely on their cell phones or external devices for these features. Having a hands-free phone and easily accessible map might actually lower the number of yearly traffic accidents.

Some high-tech dashboards even limit the applications you can use while the car is in motion, insuring that the driver can focus on their main task.

Built-In Mechanic

Most car owners only know the basics of operating their vehicle and could get stuck up a creek if something goes wrong with their engine while driving. With helpful diagrams and interactive machinery overviews, new touch screens make it possible to figure out the exact problem and might even be able to help drivers get back on the road faster and safer.

Rear-View Video

Touch screen dashboards can also increase a driver’s safety, rather than diminish it. More and more new car models come with rear-view cameras that warn drivers when they’re backing too close to another object. Having everything behind you perfectly displayed in front could definitely cut down on minor car accidents and might even save a few lives.

New touch screen dashboard technology could either help or endanger drivers. Anyone getting behind the wheel of a new high-tech car needs to be ready to react and focused on their task, regardless of the flashy screen in front of them.