A couple years ago, Android was not recognized by many people. But now, slow but sure, the popularity is skyrocketed. The smartphone users are increasingly interested in using OS green robot.  What is the secret weapon?

Besides the not paid Operating System, the diverse of the gadget availability for options is the privilege to the charming. Otherwise, the other platform is limited. For instance, there is BlackBerry, iPhone and several other smartphones.

In that way, people freely choose which hardware they like, from the ordinary type with an affordable price to the special type with a pricey cost. There are myriad options from variety of manufacturers from the outstanding manufacturers to the not famous one. The consumer will be easily adjusting to their capability and their desire.

It is valid to all types of android products such as tablets which are provided with the standard feature and specifications and in affordable price to the tablet with high qualified and interesting features in expensive price. So do for Android smartphone.

However, even though several products are offered in a cheaper price, the specifications provides are still nice and interesting.  Thanks to the diverse options, there a two types of consumers, the consumers who love to purchase the nice peripherals with presented by the leading manufacturers and the consumers who have limited budget so they tend to choose the standard specification one with an affordable price.

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