Joomla Versus WordpressEnhancement on CMS (Content Management System) world in particular which is based on PHP and MYSQL is very fast and also has a lot of both users and third party developers. In fact it masters a number of websites existed on the cyber world. Website uses CMS started from the simple up to the complex and professional one even more several big companies and government institution use this as well.

There are many CMS forms such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and so forth. The most widely used are Joomla and Wordpress. Thanks to the popular of two both, people sometimes find adversity while will choose between Wordpress or Joomla. Regarding to the situation, I will try to give several considerations in order to you get easier choosing which one the appropriate CMS for your sites.

Consideration to pick Joomla

Joomla is one of the CMs forms which have multitalented ability and so many professional developers support the enhancement of its CMS. Joomla is also open source CMS which is used by the most widely users throughout the world. Moreover, it is also used by many big companies and government institutions. So it is understandable if at the time, there are a lot of addons owned by Joomla started from the free until the paid one. 

One of the primacies owned by Joomla is the easiness to be integrated by various functions. Thereby you will be able to get site integrated by variety of services such as content or blog, forum, download or upload file function, group, social community, school data application, business application, e-commerce applications and many more. Therefore, by Joomla, you will be able to establish a site up to the maximum limit of your capability to enhance it. Moreover, the quality and the easiness at the management page make you easier to manage the template you want at certain page. So do the addons.

It is necessary to be known that developers and the Joomla lovers are very diligent to update either the Joomla itself or the various addons from the third party as well. Besides, for a couple times Joomla has gotten the world trust and received achievement to be the best open source CMS around the world.

But it is generally known that nothing is absolutely perfect at all. So do Joomla. It has several weaknesses. At the first version, one of which has been often attacked by the rival is the default form which have not supported SEO. But there has been the support component either for free or paid version to cover it. In addition, there has been needed a little optimization in order to support SEO. Recent time, this condition is running better thanks to the recent newest version (Joomla 1.7.x). Joomla owns facilities which are very support SEF and default, there is no any installation needed. It is only configuration at the global.  

But from my own opinion, it is still found other weakness at SEO side compared with Wordpress.

Consideration to pick Wordpress

Wordpress is very appropriate to bloggers which want to build a blog not a portal that is complete and integrated. It is caused by basically Wordpress is intended to this. By the humble of the function, Wordpress is very straightforward to be operated and has the best trustworthy in SEO matters in addition by the large number of additional plugin from the third party to help in enhancing SEO. If the purpose of you only for blog or establishing a site based on the content away, Wordpress is the best choice. Besides, Wordpress is also good to be promotion purpose in whatever form thanks to the easiness and reliability of the SEO.

But Wordpress also has many limitations. The most primary is only limited at the content function and the features management which is very humble therefore it complicate for site enhancement to the multifunction direction. Furthermore, it is very hard to find Wordpress at the big websites either owned by big companies or government mine. Worpress is only accustomed to be used among bloggers and publishers.

Actually, such matter is acceptable. I told that due to certainly there is a scope of developing this CMS that is humble, Blog/content and easy to operate.

Which one is the best choice?

So, it is according to you and your limitation to be achieved. The two CMS both are the best things from CMS world existed at recent time. Thereby, choose the appropriate with your need and your capability in enhancing it and also the purpose and the target want to be achieved.

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