Based on the Google announcement related to new standards for mobile web design, it is decided that a responsive design is to be the best option on a search perspective among the practices which are identified on their pages of help.

Here are several ways to create a responsive website design which have a big role in increasing SEO performance maximally either on PC or on mobile environments.

A Responsive Design Quick Recap

There are three approaches on mobile web design. Those are building a new brand of mobile website, using the existing desktop website and also building a new good-looking website on either mobile or desktop screen.

To accomplish the three approaches above, a responsive design is the only way. A web page could be equipped with some style sheets in which those sheets will look only one way in a big screen and also could reform their shapes to adjust to the small display. The more adjustable a certain website, the more sophisticated it is. The adjustment includes almost all properties in the websites such as the icons, fonts as well as menus.

A responsive design will have a different look on a different device on user’s eyes. It is the most imperative thing need to keep in web designer’s mind. However, it still uses the same URLs on each page. It also uses the same codes to deliver all contents to the users.

Option between a Travel Light or Pack of Everything

The next challenge in a responsive design is the appearance in a new light. It is quite significant however you have not to worry because it could be accomplished well with style sheets. The other problem is about the coding. The codes is not changed no matter how the size of screen on the devices.

The large size of images or other contents will not be a problem for desktop. But it is a big problem for mobile device. So, slimming the website is to be the best solution. In that way, you could handle users who are impatient for a slow connection when opening a website.

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