When you need to open a certain website, you must need such a web browser. There are a number of well-known web browsers used to be employing netters when browsing. You may know Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and so forth. Those help you seeing all materials displaying on a website you open. The materials are image, texts, links, videos, flash animations and all other materials attached.

Text web browser has the same function as common web browser told above. But there is a main difference in what is displayed by text web browser. Instead of displaying all materials on the website, text web browser is only displaying the main materials on the website that are existing texts and links.

Actually why do people need to use such a web browser?  The main function of text web browser is giving you a simpler display of a certain website. It is very useful for people who do not need the complexity of website contents that could make them slower in accessing the website for instance web developers. Besides, people who surf internet by using low-capability of computer are able to use this browser to make them easier to access without any low speed in access. 

Furthermore, text web browser is very handy to check around how your website viewed by search engine. There are at least two outstanding websites which allow you seeing websites by text web browser way. Those are SEO browser and Lynx viewer.

However, the first site recognized is Lynx viewer. Besides the first text web browser, perhaps it is also the best one. If you are interested in using Lynx viewer, beforehand, you need to upload a certain file named “delorie.gif” or sometimes also called “delorie.htm”. Up load it into document root directory.

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